Every year, Summer transitions into Fall.  Nature sheds what it no longer needs.  Foliage begins to die and the days become darker.  But what is really happening is that this is a time of hibernation and an incubation of what is ahead with the coming of Spring.

Fall is the season that prepares nature for the pruning process - a process that prepares it for new growth.  It's a good time for us to take inventory of what we need to trim back in preparation for further growth.

You may have accumulated too much baggage that you've been lugging around far too long.  It may be time to unload - drop a few leaves and prune some useless branches.  It's a good time to shed anything that binds you to your stubborn ways.  Without pruning some things in your life, there can be no growth.  Think about it.

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Fr. Frank Coens, OFM