We are sad to announce that due to the Covid 19 resurgence Bishop Malone determined that our Appreciation Celebration for Fr. Frank is Canceled and our Parish Picnic is postponed. We continue to pray for an end to the Covid 19 Pandemic.
Pray together sm 
The Adult Faith Formation Team is planning a set of prayer events to support the parish as we face the changes here at St. Paschal. We will be contemplating what lies ahead as the Diocese makes provisions for priests to shepherd our parish without Fr. Frank Coens & the Franciscan Order.  Our prayers are also with our beloved Fr. Frank & the Friars of Province of the Sacred Heart.

I am excited to get back to work at St. Paschal after my recent heart surgery. My recovery is going well and I will be back in the church office on Monday, August 23.  -- Robin Ford Cardneau, Ministry Coordinator, St. Paschal Church