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RCIA2-SPCCRite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.) is a series of information sessions for adults interested in learning about Catholicism and perhaps becoming Catholic.  Every year, numerous adults join the Catholic Church through this process.

RCIA adapted for Children is for Youth who are 7 years and older and who have not been baptized.  These youth can participate in an age appropriate program.


 Click to view more information on RCIA on the United States Catholic Bishops Website --.




Mission Statement

SPCCbellt 1198w10Centered on the Gospel of the Lord, we West Ouachita Catholics are a community committed to being  a positive and life-giving presence to one another and to our world - a presence witnessed by our vibrant worship, our deep love for the poor, our heartfelt concern for the spiritual growth  of Catholics of all ages,  and our cordial welcome of everyone  we meet.  We are further committed to help each church member discover and develop their God-given talents for ministry,  in the imitation of Jesus Christ.